Preserving, protecting, and expanding your climbing opportunities

Land and Water Conservation Fund

File 2863On August 6th, the CCC joined conservation organizations, state and federal parks staff and others at an event in Asheville with Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. Pretty cool that us dirtbag climbers got a chance to be included. You can read more about the event and why she was visting in this Charlotte Observer article.

Quadruple Crown at Rumbling Bald

File 2859In case you haven't heard yet, the Triple Crown Bouldering Series has added a 4th stop this year at Rumbling Bald. You're not going to want to miss that as it's sure to be a good time. You can find more info and a registration link on their web site. On Sunday after the comp the CCC is hosting a trail day in the boulders and we're working on some other cool things for the weekend in partnership with the awesome folks at the Triple Crown, so stay tuned. Registration is open now and the comps tend to fill up fast, so if you are thinking of going get to it!

Climbers and Rescue Teams

In March 2014, a climber rescue at Shortoff Mountain in Linville Gorge required a helicopter rescue and resulted in another climber receiving a ticket from the US Forest Service for disorderly conduct during the rescue. This rescue was covered live on local media stations and the ticket resulted in an uproar in the NC climbing community and was also criticized in local media. Numerous conversations among various parties followed the rescue and resulted in an agreement to hold a joint meeting between rescue personnel, including those involved in the Shortoff rescue, and representatives from the climbing community.

New Organized Groups Policies in NC State Parks

The state parks have come up with a new set of management policies for organized climbing groups (groups that are with a guide or instructor). The attempt is to create a consistent set of rules across all the parks with climbing (Hanging Rock, Crowder's Mountain, Stone Mountain, Chimney Rock), wheras before each park had a different set of guidelines. For individual climbers or groups of friends climbing together, nothing has changed. You should still fill out the climbing permit at each area just as you do now and keep a copy with you.

Many Peregrine closures lifted

Effective July 2, 2014 The Forest Service has lifted the closures at Whiteside, Looking Glass, Shortoff, Big Lost Cove, Buzzard's Roost and the Victory Wall. Closures still remain in effect at White Rock and the NC Wall in Linville Gorge. See the attached notice for more info.  As always, thanks to everyone for observing these closures!

CCC works with the Town of Lake Lure for new bouldering park

The Town of Lake Lure, lead by town manager Chris Braund, has recently created a beautiful park located on the north eastern flanks of Rumbling Bald Mountain. Buffalo Creek Park is now equipped with a three mile loop trail perfect for mountain bikers. The Town of Lake Lure also noted sizable boulders within the park and has invited us, the CCC, as caretakers. This is an incredible opportunity because we can plan for mitigating user impact before it happens. It will also be a good alternative to Rumbling Bald, with similar rock. CCC board members and Access Fund members have been working with the Town of Lake Lure to establish a trail that heads directly to the boulder field. Stay tuned for a trail day this summer to build this trail. In the meantime, go climb!

Asheboro Update

Recently there have been a couple of instances of fires at the Asheboro boulders as well as people camping on the property. The owner does not think that climbers are responisble for this, but we want remind people that there is absolutely no camping at the Asheboro boulders, including in the parking lot. Please be aware that there is now someone living below the saucer area on the backside. Dale is also looking after the land for the owner. Should you run into him, please be courteous and polite and respect the fact that he has a home near the boulderfield by keeping your noise down and practicing good stewardship of the area.