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Parking Access Alert

Chimney Rock State Park is mandating that all vehicles MUST be parked on paved or gravel surfaces ONLY in the parking area. Overflow parking along the road is NOT permitted or advised.

Once the parking area has filled, NO ADDITIONAL vehicles will be allowed to park in this area. Parking will be available on a first come first served basis from now on. Chimney Rock State Park assures us this is not meant to limit visitors to the area, it is meant to limit the number of vehicles in the area and to provide for emergency vehicle access.

When planning to come to Rumbling Bald, PLAN ON CARPOOLING. If you cannot carpool, plan on meeting friends at the community center in Lake Lure and travelling in as few vehicles as possible.

Chimney Rock State Park has also informed us that they will be closing the lower parking area for restricted use by emergency vehicles and park staff.

Rumbling Bald West Side Bouldering property for sale

Since the site went up, we have asked for your input regarding projects that we should pursue. We appreciate the input that has been offerred and will be developing a strategic and prioritized list. The list will be prioritized based on feasibility of the projects listed (ie whether a given area is for sale, how much an area is being offered for, ect.).

Pilot Mountain Big Pinnacle

From Marshall Ellis, Mountain Regions Biologist, North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation:

The question of access to the Big Pinnacle at Pilot Mountain gets asked quite often, both by climbers and non-climbers. The Big Pinnacle has been closed to visitor access since the late 1970s when the old staircase finally gave way and was dismantled, and over the intervening years, the division's policy has been to keep that area closed to visitor access. There are a number of reasons for that, both operationally and ecologically. Constructing and maintaining an access and then safeguarding the public once they were on top would inevitably lead to extensive railings, stairs, safety barriers, etc. that would detract significantly from the local views of the Big Pinnacle. All things equal, we've opted to keep that view as natural as possible.

From a climbing perspective, the decision was made early on to limit climbing in the park to the cliffs along the Ledge Springs Trail. As it happens, the Big Pinnacle and the Ledge Springs cliffs share a number of cliff-dwelling species and natural community types, so basically, an ecological trade was made that sacrificed the cliffside species and natural communities along the Ledge Springs cliffs in exchange for preserving those on the Big Pinnacle. We've made similar trade-offs at all of the other climbing parks as well in an attempt to accommodate recreation and resource protection.

Asheboro Passes

I'm happy to announce that we now have implemented on-line Asheboro passes. Current CCC members should see a "My Asheboro Pass" link over in the left-hand menu right below "My Account". Click that link and use the printer friendly link to print out your Asheboro pass. This link will always be available as long as your membership is current. When your membership expires, you will see a message on that page letting you know it has expired and prompting you to renew. Once you renew, the pass will become available.

User accounts

Straightening out user accounts has been one of the biggest challenges of this migration. Any given person could have had a forum username, an amember username (the system we used to use to manage CCC memberships) and those could have been the same, had the same e-mail or been completely different. Sorting through this has been like a logic puzzle of ever changing variables.

All the amember username and passwords were brought over and are tied to the membership info (visible on the CCC member tab on the "My account" page). Anyone who was is/was a CCC member (current or expired) should be able to log in with their amember username and password.

Fall 2009 CCC Meeting

Friday October 2nd, the CCC held its 14th annual public board meeting at the kickoff event for the 7th Triple Crown Bouldering Competition. A big thank you goes out to Jim Horton, Chad Wykle and the Triple Crown Bouldering Competition for providing us with such a nice venue to host our public meeting. We also appreciate all those who came and provided us with input.

The highlights of the meeting were:

Looking Glass Outfitters Celebrates 25yrs in Pisgah Forest

Join us on Oct. 24 as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Looking Glass Outfitters with a CCC Fundraiser, Mount Everst Summit Slide Show presented by Ron Sanga, Steve Longenecker Perigrine Falcon Presentation and MORE!

Oct. 24th at Looking Glass Outfitters

2-4 Evolv Shoe Demo at the Brevard Rock Gym with Elaina Smith and Costume Bouldering Comp

6-10 at Looking Glass Outfitters

     $2 at the door: All proceeds go to CCC!

     $1 Burgers and Hotdogs: Proceeds go to CCC!

     Keg 'o Beer!

     Schwag and givaways!

     Mt. Everest Slide Show by Summit Veteran and local climber Ron Sanga