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Read This!! Take a second and help!!

OK, everybody, do you want to be an access warrior? Here is your chance to help out from your computer chair for free! The Nature Conservancy is asking for some help getting a grant for trail construction on the Nine Times Perserve in South Carolina. Why is this important to the CCC? The Nine Times Preserve holds a few boulders, but nothing of great climbing interest at the present; however, the preserve borders an area of extreme importance. Just accross the street lies Big Rock, and The Nature Conservancy could be a powerful alli in obtaining access there in the future. The land the Nine Times preserve lies on now was owned by the same company that still owns Big Rock.

CCC Public Meeting minutes, Spring 2010

Spring 2010 CCC Public Meeting

This general meeting was held February 27, 2010 at 6:00 PM in La Strada Bar & Grill in Lake Lure, NC.

Attendees: Anthony Love, President; Zachary Lesch-Huie, Vice President; Scott Gilliam, Secretary; Brian Payst, Web Admin; Jessa Goebel, Northern Mountains Rep; Phil Hoffman, Southern Mountains Rep; Stephen Scoff, South Craolina Rep; Ron Funderburke, At-Large Member; Shane Messer, At-Large Member; and a record number of non-board members and non-members.


Call to order: Around 6:20 PM, Anthony called the meeting to order and presented an agenda for the meeting.

Southern Comfort supports the Rumbling Bald West Side Acquisition!

Saturday February 27th, the Appalachian State University Climbing Team hosted the 6th Southern Comfort Bouldering Competition. This years mission was to support the CCC and the purchase of the Rumbling Bald West Side Tract. Saturday was a great day for a comp in Boone. We had freezing temperatures and snow (again)! Over 63 competitors showed up from Appalachian, Brevard College, ETSU, UNC, WCU High Point University and University of Tennessee Chattanooga. 

After three sessions: the following came out on top!

New Map of Our West Side Boulders at Rumbling Bald

Andi Cochran has made a fantastic map of our tract of boulders at Rumbling Bald. She took GPS points on these boulders. So this map is about as accurate as we'll get. Andi works with Appalachian State's Geography and Planning Department, but did this on volunteer time. The CCC would truly be lost without volunteers. Thank you, Andi!

Anthony Love Recognized with the Bebie Leadership Award

From the Access Fund

"We are proud to recognize Anthony Love as America’s outstanding activist for the cause of preserving climbing access and the climbing environment. Anthony has illustrated his leadership with the recent acquisition of the Rumbling Bald West Side Boulders in North Carolina and has been instrumental in climbing management planning for Laurel Knob and continued access to the privately owned Asheboro Boulders. Anthony leads the Carolina Climbers Coalition with perseverance and passion, helping to build partnerships and a strong community of climbers dedicated to protecting and stewarding the places we cherish."

Rumbling Bald Adopt-a-Crag

Many thanks to everyone who came out in the less than ideal weather to clean up the boulders and work on the trails. We still need your help to pay off the loans.

Rumbling Bald Project

Anthony and Zachary talk about the project, what it means, and how you can help