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Stop Mountain Top Removal at the New River Gorge

Mountaintop removal coal mining has come to Fayette County, home to the New River Gorge. The New River Alliance of Climbers has joined the battle to prevent this environmentally disastrous practice from degrading the playground that we love and value so much. A group of committed and experienced activists is leading the charge. A court hearing will happen on Tuesday, July 12. Please help NRAC demonstrate to the powers that be that we will not accept this practice.

CRSP Master Plan released

The Master Plan for Chimney Rock State Parks was made available for public release last night. The plan from a quick read through offers significant revisions of some of the more controversial topics concerning climbing in the region. It outlines a course of cooperation with the climbing community as well as a direction for future development and consideration of additional climbing opportunities. We appreciate the efforts of all who made their comments known and responded to help develop the perspective needed for this document. The CCC would like to extend a special thanks to Brady Robinson and Joe Sambataro of the Access Fund for support and guidance in crafting a response that provided a thoughtful response to the initial draft. The CCC also wants to thank the Park Planning staff as well as Superintendents Tom Jackson and Adrienne Wallace for their continued commitment to working with the climbing community and various other user groups to help develop this special resource in a balanced way.

The document can be found by accessing this link

Visit Altamont Brewing Company for a cold one and support the CCC's efforts to purchase Rumbling Bald's West Side Boulders

The Altamont Brewery in Asheville has a strong commitment to supporting the outdoors and efforts of those advocating for outdoor recreation. This month they have chosen the CCC as their designated charity organization. All June, they will have a beer of the day special which will be a normally priced beverage with $1.00 from each sold going to the CCC.

What does this mean? GO in to the brewery, get your self a beer, get one for your friend(s), get another and be psyched you are raising money to help pay loans on some of the best bouldering close to Asheville. Tell your friends, have them tell theirs, go to have a cold one in honor of the CCC at the Altamont Brewery!

CCC Board Members meet with CRSP Officials

Tuesday April 5th, Phil Hoffman, CCC Southern Mountains Rep, Zachary Lesch-Huie CCC VP, Sean Cobourn CCC emeritus, and Anthony Love, CC President, met with District Superintendent Tom Jackson, CRSP Superintendent Adrienne Wallace, NC State Parks wildlife biologist Marshall Ellis, and Natural Heritage Biologist James Padgett at Lake James State Park.

The meeting was very productive and indicated to all present the state's strong commitment to working with the CCC and the climbing community. Our discussions ranged from questions regarding specific issues to conversations about how to develop a state park that not only is a destination for climbers and other users, but one that supports and bolsters the economy of the surrounding area. The strongest message from the meeting was that the State Parks do support climbing in Chimney Rock State Park and do have a vested interest in helping us to create a future where more climbing exists in the park.

North End Closure Lifted

No Peregrines at Moore’s Wall this year, and the Wildlife Resources Commission staff who work on the monitoring cleared the state park to open the north end as of April 7th, 2011.  The state parks send their thanks for everyone's continuing help and cooperation with this closure. Moore’s is the easternmost nesting site for peregrines in North Carolina and is a significant range extension for the species, so it’s an important spot in the continues conservation of this bird.

Now get out there and get pumped on some steep quartzite!

NC State Parks Fund in Danger

We're passing along a message from the Friends of State Parks. Since many NC climbing areas are in State Parks, we all have a vested interest in issues that affect the parks. Please see the info below and respond / take action as you can.

Palmetto Pumpfest and support from the low country

Saturday, March 12th, 2011, CCC's local Charleston reps, Bryan Deel and Chris Whisenhunt raffled off shirts and sold tasty treats to the climbers and spectators of the James Island County Park Palmetto Pump Climbing Competition in an effort to raise money and awareness. Thanks to all the hungry locals and out of state participants and the support of JI Climbing Wall Manager, Robert Lavarnway and employees, $250 was raised to benefit the CCC. It may have been the exponential growth of Charleston's passionate climbing community or the Mamma Whisenhunt homemade cookie recipe, but the CCC booth was busy with contributions and genuine interest.