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22 Jul



Climbers need partners and these organizations know it. The organizations below support the access and stewardship efforts of the CCC on a continual basis. We plan to refresh this list on an annual basis. Note; organizations who sponsored a specific event like the Rumble are not listed here.  If you are an avocate of outdoor access, consider supporting these great businesses! If you are a business who wishes to join the businesses below in support of the CCC's efforts, visit our Business Partners page with premiums listed.

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09 Mar

C4, Round 2!

The Carolina Climbers Conservation Corps (C4) is back! Will you help us open new climbing areas and take care of our existing areas? 

We need your help to open new climbing areas and to bolster the sustainability of our existing climbing areas. Big thanks to the American Adventure Service Corps as our first $1000 business contributor! 

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04 Mar


Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land (STPAL) has preserved 750 wonderful acres at their Bald Mountain Creek Preserve near Burnsville, NC. We have several great news items about this conserved land and STPAL:

1. STPAL has been amazing to work with as partners in outdoor recreation

2. STPAL land holds several boulders and STPAL is excited to have the CCC as partners to provide access to the outdoor recreation assets of the preserved land (AKA boulders).

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