Kristi Cooke - Southern Piedmont Rep

Area Reps


I was born and raised in Greensboro. And even though I spent a couple years traveling and working as a scuba guide, I always found my way back to NC. With as much as I have traveled, the Southeast will always be home. In Greensboro, I currently work as a Front End and UI Designer. 

I wasn’t lucky enough to find climbing at an early age. But since falling in love with it in college, I’ve most certainly made up for "lost time". I will never get enough. Because of this (and unlike most climbers), I don’t have a specific discipline that I focus on. Trad, Sport, Multi-Pitch, Bouldering… I do it all. 

Climbing changed my life for the better. With close to 10 years under my belt, I can easily say the lessons that you learn from climbing are invaluable, and the community is easy to call family. I know firsthand how quickly this lifestyle can heal and inspire. 

With my passion, experience, and NC ethic, I most certainly am excited to promote, encourage, and be a steward for the CCC and the community it serves.