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Instructions: If interested in applying for the C4 Trail Crew, complete the answers below and return to tcaldwell@carolinaclimbers.org by May 5, 2020. The email should have “C4 Applicant” in the subject line. Copy and paste the questions into a word document, google doc, or email format. Do not send resumes or CV's. Applications will be reviewed by a hiring committee and results will be announced May 12, 2020.


***Please limit all answers to 250 words or less.***

Candidate Information


Are you 18 years old or above?:  

Contact email, address, and phone:

Candidate Experience

Related work experience and certifications:

Do you have any prior trail building experience or CCC volunteer experience?:

Do you either 1) Carry your own liability insurance and wish to be a 1099 contractor, or 2) Do not have your own liability insurance and wish to be a W2 employee covered under the CCC's general liability?:

Candidate Relevancy to the C4 Program

Are you currently unemployed and/or has your employment been affected by the Covid-19 crisis?:

Describe your physical condition in relevance to the requirements of the job. Those requirements include working in heat, working in remote locations, heavy lifting, digging, and walking for miles each day on uneven terrain.:

Do you have any medical conditions that would affect your performance?:

What is the earliest date you can start work?:

Are there any days of the week you cannot work?:

Are you able to provide yourself with transportation, food, and water for up to three days a week to one or all of the following locations: Table Rock State Park, SC, Big Rock, SC, or Chimney Rock, NC?:

Are you aware this is temporary employment?:

Why do you believe you would be a good fit for this position in the C4 program? Please explain in less than 250 words.:


Job Description

The Carolina Climbers Coalition (CCC) has started the Carolina Climbing Conservation Corp (C4) with a mission to hire workers to build needed climbing infrastructure in the Carolinas and put people back to work following Covid-19 lay offs.  The C4 workers will start by building a 2 mile trail to Pumpkintown (Table Rock State Park, SC). Other work locations may include Big Rock, SC and Chimney Rock, NC, and some potential in the High Country. We hope to expand the program to service other climbing areas in the Carolinas as well. The hired person may choose which locations to work. Work availability will continue until the donation/fundraising pool is gone or the work is complete at each location.

The trail to Pumpkintown will be segmented into 50 foot linear sections that will be assigned to each person to be completed that day. The completed sections will be inspected every two weeks to ensure the work was completed to State Park standards. Each 50 foot section should be finished before moving to a new section.

Most of the trail work to be completed is bench cutting to a 24” tread. The CCC will provide an assortment of tools. The side slope at Pumpkintown is fairly steep. In order to build this trail with the correct outslope, quite a bit of dirt will need to be moved. Due to the labor intensive work, no person may work more than two days in a row or three times a week total. Some additional work may be needed such as rock removal, step building, and switchback building. Rocks and trees too big for a single person to move will be marked and moved at a later time.

All training will be provided by the CCC. The CCC will also provide guidance on CDC recommendations to limit the spread of COVID-19. Sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be provided at the tool cache site. The 50 foot sections of work will be assigned so that each contracted person working the same day will be a minimum 6’ distance from one another at all times. Tools and other common equipment will be wiped down before and after each day’s work.


Each person contracted must be physically able to perform the work duties. The start of the Pumpkintown trail that is being contracted for this work is at least 1 mile hike uphill. Each person will need to be able to carry a backpack with food, at least 4 liters of water, tools, personal first aid, and personal protective equipment. It is recommended to have at least a 30 liter backpack to handle the load. You must provide your own personal first aid kit. Sturdy boots, long paints, and gloves are required. Tools from the tool cache will need to be carried 1 mile or less to the assigned work site. Much of this trail construction will be during the warmer months. The addition of swinging a hoe or mattock to construct 50 feet of trail per day makes this a physically demanding job. Work signups will begin May 20th.


Pay for this work will be $200/day for 1099 workers or $25/hr for W2 workers . Each work day will be 8 hours. CCC will offer general liability and workers comp to W2 workers, 1099 contractors will provide their own. It may be possible to get free or reduced camping rates at Table Rock State Park during work. No other benefits can be provided at this time. 

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