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Will you help us open and sustain climbing areas by supporting the Carolina Climbers Conservation Corps (C4)? 



To create new climbing access areas and sustain impacts on existing climbing areas. Our C4 Team is a group of climber/ trail builders hired to create new access and improve existing access in the Western Mountains and Piedmont. Our C4 Team leaders also work with volunteers and partnering organizations to build needed climbing infrastructure. 

Current 2024 Projects: 

-Sauratown Hidden Cliffs Trail: We have worked with Camp Hanes to confirm public access to a brand new climbing area in the Piedomnt! We will be building a roughly 1/2 mile trail to access this new cliff. 

-Raven Rock: We have worked with private land owners to confirm new access to this amazing area! C4 is building the trail as of 2024. Graffiti removal and invasive removal is ongoing. 

-Hickory Creek: C4 have been assisting with kudzu control on this newly opened boulder field. 

-Black Stacks in Rocky Fork State Park: C4 Team will be building a new trail to access this great newly- approved climbing area.

-Table Rock, NC: C4 has been building the climbers access trail along the base of Table Rock, a now federally approved trail! 

-Big Rock, SC: C4 has been doing extensive erosion control at Big Rock. 

Past C4 Projects: 

-Weaver Knob Boulders: The brand new trail and access area is now complete as of 2022 thanks to past C4 supporters! 

-McKinney Gap Boulders:  The brand new trail and access area is now complete thanks to past C4 supporters!  YOU now have access to roughly 100 quality boulder problems in Burnsville, NC. Big thanks to Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land for working with us on this new access initiative. We have some work to complete, but the boulders are open and gneiss! 

-Rumbling Bald: Comatose Trail, Comatose to Cereal Connector, West Side Boulders, invasive removal, and major tree clearing have all been performed by C4.  

-Crowders: C4 Team will be building the landing and approach to David's Castle. 

-Buffalo Creek: C4 Team completed a 1.5 mile trail to new boulders and cliffs in 2023 thanks to your support. 

-Pilot and Moores: Working in various existing climbing areas with resource rehabilitation needs like Pilot and Moores Wall.

-Stony Mountain Vineyard Boulders: As of June 2021, we confirmed brand new bouldering access at Stony Mountain Vineyard in Albermarle, NC. The C4 Team has been constructing a brand new trail system to these newly accessible boulders. 

-Chimney Rock Village Boulders Trail: As of 2022, C4 Team built this 1/3 mile trail to access new boulders. The trail was deisgnated as part of the Hickory Nut Gorge State Trail in 2022. 



Click here for a testimonial from former C4 employee, Curtis Baird

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