Shortoff Closure Lifted

As of 4/22/2019, the Peregrine Falcon closure at Shortoff has been lifted by the Forest Service. Please be aware the adults and recently fledged chicks are still in the area and they may dive bomb you if you get too close. 

North End of Moore's Wall

From NC State Parks:

The seasonal wildlife closure of Moore's Wall's North End is now in effect.  The closure will run through 08/31/2019, but may open earlier depending on Peregrine activity.  Climbing, bouldering, and hiking by park visitors beyond the North End trail point will be prohibited during the closure. 

Public notice will include signs posted along the climbing access trail and on our park website.

  • 18 Jul, 2017
  • North Carolina

Land Manager: YMCA Camp Hanes, leased by CCC

Guides and Info

Open December 1 - March 31 only!

Area rep: Brian Payst [email protected]

2019 Peregrine Falcon Closures on National Forests


The annual closures for Peregrine Falcon nesting are in place from January 15 through August 15th. Please respect closure signs and notices and note that due to the government shutdown, signs are not yet up in all areas. New this area is the addition of flying drones in the areas near the nests and we suggest leaving your UAVs at home rather than risking disturbing the birds. It's not unusual to see these lifted early in some areas, but until we get that offiicial notice from the Forest Service the following areas are closed: