Blue Ridge Parkway Closures

Work on the Lynn Cove viaduct begins on March 1, 2018 and will run though March, April, and May with the parkway reopening around Memorial Day weekend. The parkway section near the viaduct is closed to all uses, including hiking. This means that access to Ship Rock is closed until the section reopens. Please respect this closure. You can check on parkway status on this interactive map provided by the park service.

Table Rock Road Closure

The seasonal closure of the road to the Table Rock picninc area (FS Road 210B) is in effect from January 2nd - April 2nd. You can park by the gate (don't block the road) and walk the last bit up to the picnic area to access climbing areas at that end of the gorge. Plan accordingly as it adds about 1 mile to the hike.

2018 Peregrine Falcon Closures

The annual closures for Peregrine Falcon nesting are in place from January 15 through August 15th. Please respect closure signs and notices and please note the addition of 2 new areas and the removal of the Victory Wall. It's not unusual to see these lifted early in some areas, but until we get offiicial notice from the Forest Service the following areas are closed: