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Updated July 5, 2020

Stay fit and engaged during the pandemic with these vitual classes and workouts from local climbing gyms

This page will serve as our landing page for any COVID-19 updates on impacts to outdoor climbing access across the Carolinas and beyond. 

We care about the health and vitality of the communities we serve and are on continued alert as to how the Covid-19 can affect climbing in the Carolinas. This Access Fund article sums up many of our shared thoughts on outdoor climbing and the Covid-19 virus.


Specific Climbing Area Considerations: 

  • Pisgah National Forest- If you are in question, visit the Pisgah National Forest  website of closures

  • Blue Ridge Parkway- The section which accesses Ship Rock and Grandmother Boulders are now open. If parking lots are full, please go elsewhere. 

  • Sauratown- all access is closed. Note: It is normally closed at this time due to our lease agreement. 

  • Hanging Rock State Park - Climbing at Moores is open as of May 9th but parking will be heavily restricted. Cooks climbing will be open but parking will have to be at the visitor center. Parking at the lake is closed. Please do not see this as a grand reopening of the area. It is a small and restricted reopening of a few areas, which currently includes limited access at the climbers parking. Illegal parking will be ticketed. Most park facilities will remain closed. 

  • Crowders Mountain State Park- As of Saturday, May 23, all access areas and trails at Crowders Mountain State Park will be open. Park hours are 8:00am to 9:00pm. Rock climbing and bouldering will open by registration only. Group rock climbing activities will remain closed until Phase 3. Picnic areas and the visitor center will also remain closed. The Shorts Lake Trail will remain closed for construction. Family backcountry camping will open May 23, by online reservation only. Group camping will remain closed. Stay tuned here

  • Pilot Mountain State Park - Climbing and the summit parking area will reopen on Monday, May 18th with parking limited to 90 vehicles. Once that capacity has been reached the summit parking area will be closed for the rest of the day.  The State Park overlook replacement should start in the first week of June. The safety fencing for the site may impede top rope access to Chickenbone/Parking lot routes.  There may be temporary closures of the east end of the Ledge Springs Trail due to State Park construction. 

  • Rocky Face Park - Climbing access is now open.

  • Linville Gorge, Short Off, Hawksbill, Gold Coast, Black Fork, etc- Climbing is open but Burke County commisioners have passed the following resolution in June: I (Burke County Commisioner) have determined that the State of Emergency existing in the County of Burke no longer requires all persons within the geographical boundaries of Burke County, North Carolina to avoid all outdoor activities considered to be high risk in Burke County and in the Pisgah National Forest or the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area; but, rather, Burke County directs all persons within the geographical boundaries of Burke County, North Carolina to continue to reduce the strain on vital emergency medical services personnel and medical facilities and help combat COVID-19 by: • using extreme caution when participating in all outdoor activities whether these activities are considered to be high risk (rock climbing, rappelling, swift water boating or rafting and zip lining) or low risk activities (walking, hiking or backpacking) in known territory or unfamiliar territory within Burke County and the Pisgah National Forest or the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area, • using extreme caution when camping overnight in the Pisgah National Forest or the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area, • continuing to practice all COVID-19 preventative measures and social distancing, and • taking extra provisions when walking, hiking or backpacking and being prepared to stay longer than anticipated in the event of an emergency.

  • South Carolina State Parks- Climbing access is normally closed this time of year and will continue to be closed at Table Rock State Park. 

  • Big Bradley Falls- access to the Bradley Falls climbing area is now open but an access permit is required.

  • Hidden Valley- Hidden Valley is currently open. 

Additional Info

  • NC State Parks Here is a link to NC State Park's response and  to Covid-19. 

  • Rumbling Bald and Eagle Rock within Chimney Rock State Park; all group climbing special activity permits are being revoked and no future group climbing permits will be approved for now. Individual climbing is curently allowed.  

  • CCC has cancelled any large volunteer opportunities or public events until further notice. We have some small volunteer opportunities listed on our Facebook pages over various dates. All planned volunteer stewardship events in the Pisgah Ranger District are cancelled until further notice. 

  • CCC will remain a part of the Pisgah Nantahala planning process in a virtual capacity with planners.  You can also get involved by reading up on the draft plan. CCC and Access Fund will have be drafting public response to the draft plan, but now is a great time to get familiar with the draft plan on your own. The comment period has now passed. 


Thank you all. Stay safe and healthy!