Spring 2010 CCC Public Meeting

This general meeting was held February 27, 2010 at 6:00 PM in La Strada Bar & Grill in Lake Lure, NC.

Attendees: Anthony Love, President; Zachary Lesch-Huie, Vice President; Scott Gilliam, Secretary; Brian Payst, Web Admin; Jessa Goebel, Northern Mountains Rep; Phil Hoffman, Southern Mountains Rep; Stephen Scoff, South Craolina Rep; Ron Funderburke, At-Large Member; Shane Messer, At-Large Member; and a record number of non-board members and non-members.


Call to order: Around 6:20 PM, Anthony called the meeting to order and presented an agenda for the meeting.

Treasurer's Report: The current bank account balance, previous and a breakdown of expenses and income for 2009-2020 were reviewed.

  • Current account balance: $19248
  • Closing for West Side boulders: $9224 paid in January
  • Balance owed to Access Fund: $72000
  • Upcoming March payment to Access Fund: $12000
  • Rumbling Bald fund: $4618.00
  • Corporate sponsorships: $7800.00
  • Raffles and rope sales: $795.00
  • Memberships: $8445.00
  • Calendars: $2451.00
  • Total income: $24109
  • Donation to Cashiers Fire Dept: $100
  • Land manager award plaque: $44.00
  • Legal fees: $324.00
  • PayPal fees: $407.00
  • Rebolting supplies $33.00
  • Printing and postal: $111.00
  • Calendar Expenses: $2150.00
  • Down payment on West Side boulders: $9224.00
  • Total expenses: $12393

2010 Calendars: Calendar-related expenses and sales thus far were reviewed.

  • Expenses: $2150
  • Income: $2450

In addition, Amy Nail presented her ideas RE: a 2011 calendar.

Membership Report: Scott reviewed current and lapsed membership numbers as well as changes since December.

  • Current members: 284
  • Lapsed members: 500
  • New members since December: 46
  • Renewals since Decembers: 52
  • Fans on Facebook: 723

Website Upgrade: Anthony reviewed the website upgrade that took place in the last year.  New features include:

  • Increased user interaction
  • New image galleries
  • User blogs
  • News feeds from SCC and AF
  • Content linked to Facebook page
  • New membership and contribution tracking
  • Instant Asheboro pass access

Rumbling Bald Purchase: Anthony reviewed details about the recent Rumbling Bald boulders purchase. He noted the three main reasons for the purchase:

  • Save the West Side boulders, a fantastic climbing resource
  • Protect plant and animal species that would be displaced or destroyed by development
  • Protect the view-shed for all park users

Anthony explained how bouldering promotes the growth of the white irisette and how our purchase hides the sight of the development below from many areas in the park.

As of the meeting we had raised $11,400 toward the purchase.

Fund-Raising: Anthony presented a list of fund-raising projects planned for the next year:

  • Formal dinner
  • Competitions
  • Pat Goodman slideshows
  • Film premiers
  • Reel Rock Film Tour
  • Dixon School Road bouldering guide
  • 2011 calendar
  • Grants: Redwood Creek, REI, Others
  • Support from climbing community

Specifically Anthony mentioned that Matt Bielejeski was looking for historical info on the DSR boulders. and that we need an REI employee to nominate us or the REI grant.

Area Report -- Northern Mountains: Jessa and Anthony gave the Northern Mountains report. Jessa stated that Spring would bring the need for Adopt-a-Crag events. Anthony presented a plan to apply for and utilize monies from the Watauga County Occupancy Tax.

Area Report -- Southern Mountains: Phil Hoffman gave the Southern Mountains report, detailing the Peregrine closures as well as the Looking Glass and Cedar Rock road conditions. Road to Cedar Rock is open but atrocious. The road to the Glass is closed. The hike to the South face now take about 1 hour. The Laurel Knob trail day is likely to be postponed due to snow. And the Rumbling Bald parking continues to be problematic. Carpool and be aware that you are being watched by park officials.

Area Report -- Northern Piedmont: Anthony gave the Northern Piedmont update. The Cook’s Wall rebolting is still on hold. The North End of Moore’s is closed for Peregrines. Also, the park may require some anchor changes/additions at Moore’s. Anthony and Karen Staman have a meeting with the Camp Haynes Director on April 1st RE: Sauratown. We will continue to try.

Area Report -- Southern Piedmont: Anthony also gave the Southern Piedmont report. Asheboro continues to be open. Climbers must be current CCC members to be legal. Please remember to put your pass on your dash so that the landowner can see we are following the rules. Passes are easy to print from the CCC website. Eddie Medina is working to get the Unemployment Wall opened at Crowder’s. The outlook is optimistic. Dixon School Rd is open with parking. Legitimate access to Poplar Tent is still in the works.

Area Report -- South Carolina: Stephen and the two Brad’s gave the SC issues. They are meeting with Table Rock State Park folks to discuss revisiting the restrictions on climbing. Other projects on the agenda include Big Rock, the Jocassee Gorges, Jones Gap State Park

Access Fund and Big Ass 'Biner Awards: Brian Payst brought up the Access Fund recognition of Anthony Love as the 2009 Bebie Leadership Award winner. In response to this Jeff recognized Anthony with the Big Ass Biner Award for his outstanding efforts as President of the CCC.

Slideshow: After the meeting Shannon Millsaps started a slideshow of his photos, calendars were sold and a collection plate was passed for the Rumbling Bald fund.

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