22 Jul



Climbers need partners and these organizations know it. The organizations below support the access and stewardship efforts of the CCC on a continual basis. We plan to refresh this list on an annual basis. Note; organizations who sponsored a specific event like the Rumble are not listed here.  If you are an avocate of outdoor access, consider supporting these great businesses! If you are a business who wishes to join the businesses below in support of the CCC's efforts, visit our Business Partners page with premiums listed.

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28 Feb

Rumble 2023 Results

Huge thanks and congrats to ALL Rumble competitors. These are the results from the score cards that were turned in. Thank you!!!


Female Weekend Warrior/ Ropes

Daisy Sawyer 107

Melissa Daigle 99

Babs 69.5

Allison Norman 68.5

Caroline Brown 51.5

Danielle Fontaine 24


Male Weekend Warrior/ Ropes

Jean Christophe Fillon Robin 104

Sean Betts 100

Eben Henner 87

Greg Lamb 75

Russell Norman 65

Kellen Mahoney 48.5

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17 Feb

Panthertown Valley Bear Canisters

If you are camping in Panthertown, serving places like Laurel Knob and Big Green, please store your food in a bear canister. See the USDA closure order attached below. This order does not apply to the base of Laurel Knob on CCC property.

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