You’ll see a few changes to this year’s National Forest closures. See the attached PDF for specific closures within the National Forest system.

More Information on the National Forest Sites: Victory Wall and Short Off (south end) closures have been lifted as of Feb 18, 2020.

For the expanded closure in the NC Wall area, Apricot Buttress and The Camel are being included to boost protection of this nesting pair. The pair has been active on the face of NC Wall as well as the face of Apricot Buttress the past few years but continues to experience nest failure. This closure will remain through the breeding season. Short Off North is now included in the closure, which is the unclimbed and undesirable cliff north of the route False Paradise.


Other Peregrine Updates:

Moores Wall: CCC volunteers have been working with NC Wildlife Resource Commision to monitor the potential eyrie site at the North End of Moores Wall. A closure is currently not in effect this year. This training is an amazing example of the trust and respect that the WIldlife Resource Commision has had for climbers. Thank you Chris and Clifton from WRC, and thank you CCC volunteers Austin Goff, AJ Jackson, and Bryan Miller for the many cold hours of cliff monitoring!

The CCC has been working to open Rocky Fork State Park, TN to open the park to permissible climbing. There is a potential peregrine falcon somewhere in the area and during Jan 15-March 1, we have a volunteer opportunity of peregrine monitoring at the Rocky Fork's Whitehouse Cliffs. During this time, monitoring results will determine if there will be a temporary seasonal closure for this area (which is not opened to climbing yet, but will be in the spring or summer 2020!!). If interested in helping monitor, contact [email protected].