CCC Seeks Crag Stewards

We are seeking at least one crag steward per major crag/ boulder field across the Carolinas. If interested in being a CCC Crag Steward for a specific crag, check the list on this link to see if that position is open. Any questions, please email


Goal: Increase community-lead stewardship of our ever growing portfolio of climbing lands. 


Requirements of a Crag Stewards: 

  • Able to maintain area between 1-4 times per year

  • ***Knowledge of land ownership and accepted volunteer practices with the land owner. Crag Steward should work directly with area rep if this is in question. For example, State Parks each have different expectations of where we can and can not work. National Forests only allow work on system trails, etc. 

  • Use of volunteer waivers as required by land owner or land manager. Each land manager has a different waiver expected for use. See list below or work with your CCC area rep to ensure you have the correct waiver for the area you are working. 

  • First Aid/ CPR certification. Sawyer certification required if running chainsaw in National Forest or State Park. 

  • Understanding of best practices in sustainable trail work including tree clearing, drain maintenance, rock armoring and rock step building, building landings, locust step building, grade dips, etc. This Trail Academy site has some good reference material. 

  • Understanding of local ecology and or archeology to ensure trail work does not damage rarities.

  • If applicable, specialized knowledge of anchor replacement. Contact CCC rep for replacement equipment. 

  • Ability to safely lead groups of volunteers with tools

  • Good communication skills with land managers and CCC reps

  • Understanding of how the local climbing community uses the trail/ route/ boulder/ area


For more information on becoming a crag steward, click here

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