C4 Job Announcement and Application


C4 Trail Crew Application

Job Description: The Carolina Climbers Conservation Corps (C4) program was developed in 2020 by the CCC as a way to employ people to build new trails to new climbing access and help maintain impacts at existing climbing areas. C4 employees work part time, and the work is temporary, based on the amount of donations that the CCC can pull in. Employees will be expected to build or maintain trails at climbing areas 2-4 times per week at 8 hours/day during employment. Schedule is flexible. Trail building or related experience is preferred but not required. Basic training will be offered. Workers must be self motivated, believe in the mission of the CCC, and able to work with other employees and volunteers. Workers must be able to perform heavy lifting, digging, walking miles on uneven terrain, working in remote locations, and working in the heat or cold. Workers must provide their own transportation. 

Instructions: Complete the answers below and return to tcaldwell@carolinaclimbers.org by April 23, 2021. The email should have “C4 Applicant” in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed by a hiring committee and results will be announced April 26, 2021.

Please limit all answers to 250 words or less. 


Candidate Information


Are you 18 years old or above?:  

Contact email, address, and phone:


Candidate Experience

Related work experience and certifications: 

Do you have any prior trail building experience or CCC volunteer experience?: 

Do you either 1) Carry your own liability insurance and wish to be a 1099 contractor, or 2) Do not have your own liability insurance and wish to be a W2 employee?: 


Candidate Relevancy to the C4 Program

Are you currently unemployed and/or has your employment been affected by the Covid-19 crisis?:

Describe your physical condition in relevance to the requirements of the job. Those requirements include working in heat, working in remote locations, heavy lifting, digging, and walking for miles each day on uneven terrain.:

Do you have any medical conditions that would affect your performance?: 

What is the earliest date you can start work?:

Are there any days of the week you cannot work?:

What day/s do you prefer to work?

Are you able to provide yourself with transportation, food, and water for up to three days a week to two or all of the following locations: Pilot Mountain, Moore’s Wall, Chimney Rock Village Boulders, McKinney Gap Boulders?:

Do you have a work location preference: North Piedmont or Asheville Region?

Are you aware this is temporary, part time employment?:

Why do you believe you would be a good fit for this position in the C4 program? Please explain in less than 250 words.:



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