C4 Team

You have done it! Thanks to your donations, we have been able to hire two teams of three people each to serve new or existing crags in both the Piedmont and the Western Mountains! Our new C4 teams consist of Elizabeth Taft, Dan VanBrocklin, Dain Canter for the Western Mts Team, and Henry Ritterspush, Shelley Carter, and Bryce Mahoney for the Piedmont Team. We are excited to have the team together! Please come out and join us on upcoming stewardship days almost any day of the week. The Western Mts Team will be finishing the Chimney Rock Village Boulders Trail, and then beginning the McKinney Gap Boulders Trail, located in the Bald Mountain Creek Preserve near Burnsville, NC. These are both brand new climbing access areas. The Piedmont Team will begin work at Pilot, stewarding the highly trafficked cliff base and Ledges Spring Trail. They will also be working at Moores Wall and hopefully working on a brand new access area near Stony Mountain Vineyards an hour east of Charlotte. Access agreements are still being worked out but stay tuned for some hopeful good news on new access to new boulders in the Piedmont. Fingers crossed. 

REI Co-Op just approved a $6,000 grant to the CCC with funds geared towards helping our C4 team build the McKinney Gap trail! REI has been critical in helping us expand climbing access and in helping us serve the community. Thank you REI! 

Thank you C4 sponsors so far REI, Climb@ Blue Ridge, The Riveter, Mountain Home Caretakers, American Adventure Service Corps, Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure. If you are interested in sponsoring the C4 team, please contact mreardon@carolinaclimbers.org

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