CCC Crag Stewards

In February 2021, we formed our first CRAG STEWARD program. The goal is the have 1-2 long term volunteers allocated for a single crag or boulder field. Each Crag Steward's task is to assess the needs of the indiividual crag a few times per year: trail maintenance, base repair, erosion mitigation, parking issues, trash clean up, bolt replacement, rare species monitoring, graffiti clean up, etc. The CCC regional reps and Board of Directors serve as the bridge between the Crag Steward and the land manager of that crag to ensure we are in compliance with their volunteer expectations. 

Are you interested in being a Crag Steward for a specific crag not listed below? Contact 


A big thank you to the following individuals who have signed up to be a Crag Steward: 

Cooks Wall: Shelley Carter

Pilot: Bryce Mahoney

Dixon Boulders: Bryan Townsend

Stone Mountain: Johnny O'Connell and Brian Fritz

Rocky Face: Johnny O' Connell

Looking Glass: Peter Dickson and Forrest Stavish

Rumbling Bald: Sean Reckert and Matthew Baker

Chimney Rock Village Boulders: Ken Golliher

Cedar Rock: Ben Greene

Whiteside: Nick Accardo

Melrose: Jonathan Gerst

Rocky Fork: Curtis Baird

McKinney Gap: Dan VanBrocklin

Big Rock: Christian Murphy and Eric Johnston

Table Rock/ Pumpkintown: Tom Caldwell


Since our program launch in February, many Crag Stewards have gotten out to help the access at our crags. Here are just a few examples:

  • Johnny and Brian did a major clean up of the base of Stone Mountain, also assessed fixed anchor needs based on dying rap trees
  • Shelley has spearheaded bolt replacement and erosion mitigation at Cooks Wall
  • Bryce has continually organized volunteers at Pilot to improve sustainability of the Ledges Spring Trail 
  • Bryan and the Townsend family conducted a two day trash clean up at Dixon Boulders
  • Peter has done some tree fall clean up at Looking Glass
  • Jonathan met with parking lot owners at Melrose and has also begun improving the base trail with volunteers 
  • Curtis has helped monitor peregrines at Rocky Fork and lead a community Access Celebration day at Rocky Fork's Whitehouse Cliffs
  • Ken has helped build the Chimney Rock Village Boulders Trai
  • Christian and Eric have helped with step building and belay base hardening at Big Rock
  • Tom has worked with park staff to design, open, and build the Pumpkintown Trail
  • Dan has helped design the McKinney Gap Boulders Trail and will be helping build it via the C4 Team. 



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