CCC Board Secretary Position Application

9/29 Update: This application is now closed


The Carolina Climbers Coalition is currently seeking a new Secretary to join our volunteer Board of Directors, with the position beginning in October 2021.  

The Secretary position is responsible for managing social media posts, including event information, volunteer trail days, access updates and general climbing.  Responsibilities also include managing Board Meeting minutes and helping with monthly newsletters.  

Folks interested should be proficient in managing social media such as Instagram and Facebook, and be well organized with communication.  And above all else, anyone interested should bring the psych for pulling together the Carolina climbing community.

There is currently one position open. We hope to elect a candidate by our Hound Ears annual meeting at the beginning of October. 



Application: Please answer the following questions in 250 words or less and email to



  1. Describe your past experience working with, volunteering for, or helping to serve the mission of the Carolina Climbers Coalition. 

  2. What gets you excited about being on the board of the CCC?

  3. Describe your current relationships with the outdoor industry and/or outdoor recreation community  (other nonprofits, gyms, outfitters, land managers, local climbing community, etc).  

  4. The secretary position is largely focused on social media outreach (Facebook and Instagram currently), taking meeting minutes, and newsletter writing. Describe your ability to perform these tasks to serve the mission of the CCC. 



  1. This position is a 3 year term with potential for renewing for a second 3-year term. Does this time frame work with you?

  2. Rate your level of ability to respond to email communication (able to respond once a day, able to respond once a week, or able to respond once a month)? 

  3. We estimate .5-2 hours per week on the low end and sometimes 8+ hours per week if there is a project or event you are spearheading. Does this time commitment work with you? 

  4. Travel is needed at least twice per year for in person events or meetings. Are you okay with this? 

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