The Carolina Climbers Coalition is currently asking the climbing community to help us in direct support of the Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing of Ukraine (FAIS) and the people of Ukraine. We have been in direct communication with volunteers of the FAIS over the past week and they have very specifically asked for first aid kits (via monetary donation only), sub-freezing sleeping bags, thermal base layers, and other cold weather gear. 
This aid campaign will be split into two ways to help:
1.) Donate Money: Donating to the CCC Ukraine page will allow us to purchase the first aid kits needed at a discounted rate from North American Rescue out of Greer SC. We will open donations for a week and then make a purchase of the supplies, which will then be sent to the shipping point FAIS has designated to us in Poland. 100% of these proceeds will be used towards purchasing first aid equipment to be mailed to FAIS.  Click here.
2.) Donate Goods: Donate new or old sub-freezing rated sleeping bags, new thermal base layers (all sizes, can be gotten for under $20 at stores like TJ Maxx/Marshalls), or other cold weather clothing.  These donations can be delivered to one of the below drop off points, closing March 18th.  We will then collect the donations the following day and ship them to our contact in Poland. 
Please understand that this campaign is best effort and there are no guarantees that supplies will make it or some other logistics may fall through due to the dynamic circumstances of war.
Donation deadline: March 18
Drop off points: SMAC at Climbmax Climbing, The Riveter, Triangle Rock Club, First Hand Climbing, Ultimate Climbing