Partial Peregrine Closure Lifting

Good news for climbers; many peregrine closures have been lifted early this year!  The CCC works closely with biologists of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commision, as well as the USFS to ensure that protections of the species and climbing management are in balance. Close monitroing of peregrine eyries that result in early closure-lifts are one example of the benefit of that relationship. Thank you to all people who respect these closure zones.

Effective July 6, 2022, the following closures have been lifted at North Cedar, Linville Gorge (both Short Off and NC Wall), Looking Glass North Face, Victory Wall, White Rock Cliff, and Whiteside Mountain.

The seasonal closures at Big Lost Cove, Buzzards Roost, and the East Face of Pickens Nose are still in effect until August 15th.

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