Chimney Rock State Park is adopting the same climbing permit system that is in place at Hanging Rock, Stone, Pilot and Crowder's. Please be sure to fill out a permit when you head up to the cliffs or the boulders. Since the CCC boulderfield flows into the park, even if you plan on staying on the West Side it would be a good idea to fill one out and it helps the park understand how much value we place in Rumbling Bald. Here's the press release from the park:

“Chimney Rock State Park has implemented a climbing, rappelling, and bouldering registration and permit system for the Rumbling Bald Climbing Access.  This is the same permit system that is used in other State Parks.  The permits are available free of charge and are located at the trail head of the Rumbling Bald Trail. 
 In May 2011 the Chimney Rock Master Plan was presented to the public and it included plans for rock climbing within the park.  Today park officials are working on a climbing management plan that must strike a proper balance between the need to manage natural resources and the need to provide opportunities for safe, high quality outdoor recreation. When you fill out a permit, you become a valuable resource in this process by letting us know that you value rock climbing, rappelling, and bouldering access in the park.”