It's long overdue, but finally here - a fresh new web site! We've made a number of changes, most of which are due to the volume of spam accounts we were managing on the old site and the impacts those were having on our email newsletters and volunteer server admin time. Here's what changed

  • No more user accounts - we've gotten rid of accounts for now as there isn't any ineractive content in the site. We may bring these back for paying members so you can track your donations, but we're still assessing the need for that
  • No more forums - these were attracting spammers and had really fallen out of use with everyone seemingly posting over at the Mountain Project forums these days
  • Responsive web design - you'll notice the site is aware of the size of the device your are using and scales accordingly
  • New membership tools - behind the scenes we've upgraded to the latest version of our membership management system and will be able to offer improved emails and other features

You will still be able to sign up and renew your CCC membership on-line, just like you always have. If you are a current member, you can check when your membership expires on our members page. You should also recieve an email reminder 30 days before it expires. If you do not see your name listed there it means your membership has expired. If you think you should have a current membership or you have any other questions, please contact us.

We hope you like the new site and thanks for your continued support of the CCC!