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Carter Smith- Northern Mountains Rep

Carter has been climbing pretty much all of his life. He began to focus his energy on training for climbing and competing in 2010. His main disciplines are bouldering and single pitch trad and sport climbing. However, he can be found on larger features like Laurel Knob from time to time. Carter is currently pursuing his Masters in Outdoor and Experiential Education at Western Carolina State University.

For work, Carter coaches, teaches, and guides in the climbing industry all around Western North Carolina and the South East in general. While his passion for climbing is what got him into the industry, helping young adults realize their own potential for greatness is what made him stick around. 

“Climbing is the tool to help people realize their autonomy and confidence--rather than the end goal itself. It’s really not about the actual climbing when it really comes down to it: it is about equity and self-betterment and helping others chase and achieve the same."