The Carolina Climbers Coalition (CCC) on occasion supplies bolts, anchors and related equipment obtained from organizations such as the American Safe Climbing Association, or purchased by the CCC, to competent individuals with a demonstrated history of proper bolting technique. Guiding policies to implement the distribution of bolts and anchors are as follows: 

1) The CCC supports the one-for-one re-bolting of aging existing hardware on established routes on lands that are open to all climbers, including lands leased by the CCC if the land owner has approved bolting. The CCC supplies the hardware; it does not provide money to climbers. 

2) Bolts provided by the CCC are not to be used for bolting of new routes or the addition of bolts unless a majority vote of the board of directors has specifically approved such a use. We expect this to be a very rare occurrence and it only applies to places where the land manager has specifically requested the addition of bolts as part of their overall climbing management for the area; for example, additions of top-anchors to reduce ecological impacts to the cliff area. 

3) CCC supplied bolts cannot be used to retro-bolt existing non-bolted climbs and will be removed if this is found to be the case. The CCC does not approve of the retro-bolting of routes and strongly supports the long-standing traditions of low-impact climbing in the Carolinas, balanced with the need for fixed gear in appropriate places. 

4) Any unused CCC supplied hardware must be promptly returned. 

5) The CCC will only supply stainless steel hardware and does not condone the use of carbon steel for bolts, hangers or other fixed anchor uses. 

6) Re-use of existing bolt holes where possible is encouraged and expected. If the hole cannot be re-used it should be properly patched and hidden as best as practical. Camouflaging the hangers to reduce the visual impact is encouraged. 

7) After the work is completed, the number and type (lead bolts and/or anchors) of bolts replaced, route name(s) and cliff name are to be reported back to the CCC.