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Action Alert: Pisgah Nantahala Forest Plan

The deadline for comments on the Pisgah Nantahala Forest Plan is fast approaching. The Draft Plan has been released since March and needs your input before June 29. The CCC and Access Fund have been working on influencing the plan since 2012. Although the current Draft Plan acknoweldges climbing as a positive way to connect people to the land, the plan falls short on many climbing related management strategies. You now have the power to make change within this draft plan and positive influence the climbing landscape.

Bradley Falls... Access saved!

Bradley Falls and the cliffs surrounding it have been placed in a Temporary Restricted Zone by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission. Thanks to our collaborations with NCWRC, climbers will have access into the Temporary Restricted Zone via a Memorandum of Agreement.  Agreements cover you for a year and are free. Special thanks to NCWRC for working on this with us! 


Hidden Valley Access Alert, May 15-June 1

Hidden Valley is under an access advisory May 15-June 1 2020. 

C4 Job Application


Instructions: If interested in applying for the C4 Trail Crew, complete the answers below and return to by May 5, 2020. The email should have “C4 Applicant” in the subject line. Copy and paste the questions into a word document, google doc, or email format. Do not send resumes or CV's. Applications will be reviewed by a hiring committee and results will be announced May 12, 2020.


***Please limit all answers to 250 words or less.***

Candidate Information


Are you 18 years old or above?:  

Contact email, address, and phone:

Candidate Experience

Related work experience and certifications:

Do you have any prior trail building experience or CCC volunteer experience?:

Do you either 1) Carry your own liability insurance and wish to be a 1099 contractor, or 2) Do not have your own liability insurance and wish to be a W2 employee covered under the CCC's general liability?:

Candidate Relevancy to the C4 Program

Are you currently unemployed and/or has your employment been affected by the Covid-19 crisis?:

Describe your physical condition in relevance to the requirements of the job. Those requirements include working in heat, working in remote locations, heavy lifting, digging, and walking for miles each day on uneven terrain.:

Do you have any medical conditions that would affect your performance?:

What is the earliest date you can start work?:

Are there any days of the week you cannot work?:

Are you able to provide yourself with transportation, food, and water for up to three days a week to one or all of the following locations: Table Rock State Park, SC, Big Rock, SC, or Chimney Rock, NC?:

Are you aware this is temporary employment?:

Why do you believe you would be a good fit for this position in the C4 program? Please explain in less than 250 words.:


Project Report: Looking Glass Trails

The CCC has adopted the four National Forest trails that lead to Looking Glass Rock; North Face, SunWall Trail (AKA The Nose Trail, Slick Rock Falls Trail (AKA South SIde Trail), and the Looking Glass Rock Trail (AKA the summit trail). Many sections of these trails were heavily degraded and eroded. In 2019, we were awarded a National Forest Foundation grant to coordinate the rehabilitation of those four trails. In the summer of 2019, we were also awarded funding from Transylvania Always to assist or rehabilitation work and volunteer coordination efforts.

C4 (Carolina Climbers Conservation Corp)


Carolina Climbers Conservation Corp (C4):

The Carolina Climbers Coalition is lucky enough to share the CCC acronym with another amazing group of people, the Great Depression-Era Civilian Conservation Corp. Spend any amount of time in Table Rock State Park, SC or Pisgah National Forest, NC and you will see their beautiful work on our trails, cabins, and other outdoor recreation infastructure. During the Great Depression, many people were put back to work through the CCC. The current COVID19 crisis and the effect continues to have on unemployed families inspired us to recreate the spirit with our own Conservation Corp, C4.

Carolina Climbing Museum

The Carolinas have a vast history of climbing. The Carolina Climbing Museum, inside Asheville's Black Dome Mountain Sports has a dedicated space for many items and stories. You can access much of the history of Carolina Climbing at 

Stay Fit and Engaged During Covid-19 Crisis

You're stuck at home, I am stuck at home, we are all stuck at home. We created this landing page for the climbing-need in you. Several of our partnering gyms have created inventive and downright incredible ways for climbers to stay fit and stay engaged in the climbing community right from your own home. Although we love climbing outside, we all know that now is not the best time to visit climbing areas.

Here are some great indoor options for fitness and engagement from climbing gyms or business partners we know and love: