2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings

Here is a link to the slideshows presented at our 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings. 


Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land (STPAL) has preserved 750 wonderful acres at their Bald Mountain Creek Preserve near Burnsville, NC. We have several great news items about this conserved land and STPAL:

1. STPAL has been amazing to work with as partners in outdoor recreation

2. STPAL land holds several boulders and STPAL is excited to have the CCC as partners to provide access to the outdoor recreation assets of the preserved land (AKA boulders).

Meeting Recording

Here is a link to our recording of the 2/16/21 webinar on Stewardship in the Outdoors, presented by Western Carolina University with CCC reps speaking and answering questions. 


Hanging Chain Boulders/ No Trespassing

In January 2021, it was brought to Chimney Rock State Park's and Carolina Climbers Coalition's attention that several of the boulder clusters in the Hanging Chain Boulders are on private property. The land manager of the property met with CCC representatives and Chimney Rock State Park staff to discuss property lines in relation to boulders. Chimney Rock State Park has asked boulderers not to boulder in the Hanging Chain Boulders that are on State Park Property. Contact Chimney Rock State Park with questions about this.

Peregrine Closure Jan 15- Aug 15

The CCC, National Forest, and North Carolina WIldlife Resource Commission work closely to ensure that peregrine closures provide a proper buffer for nesting peregrines and climbers.


All peregrine closures have been lifted for 2021.


Thank you for respecting Peregrine closures! 



Beanies Hoodies, T's...25th Anniversary!

We are celebrating 25 years of access and stewardship! 

Click here to purchase your beanie, hooded sweatshirt, and/or T-shirt!

You must purchase by Jan 31 and all shipping will be after Jan 31. Asheville Screen Printing is handling all orders and all shipping. The CCC gets a portion of the profits from the sales so know that your purchase is supporting access and stewardship! 


CCC Seeks Crag Stewards

We are seeking at least one crag steward per major crag/ boulder field across the Carolinas. If interested in being a CCC Crag Steward for a specific crag, check the list on this link to see if that position is open. Any questions, please email mreardon@carolinaclimbers.org.


Goal: Increase community-lead stewardship of our ever growing portfolio of climbing lands.