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Dan Van Brocklin - C4 Team

Growing up in South Florida, I didn’t get to experience climbing until after college in my late twenties. Starting at gyms in the Atlanta area, I was lucky enough to quickly find some great mentors that instilled the importance of good stewardship. Falling in love with rock climbing and the community around it over the next year led to the inevitable “quitting of the job to go to Colorado.”
After a bit in Colorado it was back east, but this time to North Carolina. I fell in love with the bouldering at Rumbling Bald when visiting family in the area and wanted to spend a season there. During this time I was introduced to the CCC and volunteered for trail day events as much as possible. But when the season was over, it was back to the road for climbing in the midwest again.
A year passed and I decided to move back to the Asheville area with more purpose. Missing the community, I hopped right back into volunteering on the Eagle Rock trail days. Lucky enough to be an initial member of the “C4 Trail Crew” in 2020, I continued with the program to see us now be a staple of the CCC. Working with the CCC to increase sustainable access, introduce volunteers to trail stewardship, and see the overall community grow is a daily reward.