C4 (Carolina Climbers Conservation Corp)


Carolina Climbers Conservation Corp (C4):

The Carolina Climbers Coalition is lucky enough to share the CCC acronym with another amazing group of people, the Great Depression-Era Civilian Conservation Corp. Spend any amount of time in Table Rock State Park, SC or Pisgah National Forest, NC and you will see their beautiful work on our trails, cabins, and other outdoor recreation infastructure. During the Great Depression, many people were put back to work through the CCC. The current COVID19 crisis and the effect continues to have on unemployed families inspired us to recreate the spirit with our own Conservation Corp, C4.

We are relieved to announce we have hired 8 people affected loss of income due to the pandemic, and have put them to work building climbing infrastructure throughout the Carolinas and TN. The CCC have provided training and tools for cutting trails to the team while maintaining CDC safety guidelines. The first major 3 week project has been trail enhancements and erosion mitigation at Big Rock, SC.  The C4 Team then spent one week building the base trail at the Whitehouse Cliffs within Rocky Fork State Park. These cliffs are now open to climbing for the first time ever, thanks to the C4 Team. The C4 Team is now working on a mile plus of benchcutting on the Pumpkintown Trail, leading to a newly accessible, 300' world class cliff.  We are lining up other potential new access spots in the Hickory Nut Gorge area for future work. If the fundraising pool is large enough, we will continue the program throughout the Carolinas at various areas in need of climbing infrastructure. Employment will last until the fundraiser pool is gone. This is where we need help from our membership.

The economic effects of COVID19 will be long lasting. Many people who have lost jobs that have disappeared will not return. The CCC is kicking this fundraiser off with $5000, but we need your help. 

 Our target goal to keep the C4 Team employed and working into the fall of 2020 is $40,000. We have hired a team of 8 and hope to keep them working as donations come in. All money donated to this project will go straight to the unemployed we have hired and hope to continue to keep employed. If we area able to hire more people due to increased donations, we will.

Let’s give everyone something to look forward to while supporting our community in need.





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CCC Seed Money: $5,000

Fundraising Goal: $40,000



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