Land Manager: Conservation Fund (as of 2020)

Fantastic granite boulders located just outside of Asheboro. In order to boulder here you need to be a CCC member.

The Asheboro boulders are a prime winter bouldering area: the grippy texture of the rock requires cold temperatures for the best friction. First-time visitors are often confused by the number of boulders and the sometimes cryptic nature of the lines, but once you have visited a couple of times you will get your bearings and develop an eye for spotting the problems. Get your smearing shoes on!


Directions are available only to CCC members and were emailed to you when you filled out the digital waiver. Email if there are issues. 

What to expect

Bouldering on slabs, cracks and features. There's not a lot of steep rock at Asheboro and success is achieved through balance and good foot work. Top outs can sometimes be the hardest part of a problem, be sure to pad adequately and have good spotters for the taller problems. There are no top rope anchors at Asheboro and installing fixed hardware is not permitted.

Access notes

  • All persons over the age of 16 MUST be members of the Carolina Climbers Coalition
  • You must fill out a waiver online. One waiver per year per person is all that is needed. 
  • The last person leaving the boulderfield is responsible for closing the gate by the main road. When in doubt, lock the gate behind you
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Please help us keep the boulderfield clean and carry out any additional trash you may find
  • No pets are allowed
  • Do not cut switchbacks on the trail
  • Clean up chalk on boulders or ground
  • Please use the port-a-johns in the parking area


Camping is not permitted at the boulders or in the parking area, this is a day-use area only.


There is no Asheboro guidebook at this time.