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Buffalo Creek Park

Area Rep: Shannon Millsaps 

The Park: This wonderful park was created in 2014 by the Town of Lake Lure with land conservation and trail development help from Conserving Carolina. The CCC is proud to be a part of helping create climbing access here since 2014. In 2022, we began working to open a new boulder field within the park (currently referred to as 'Upper Boulders') and helped the Town of Lake Lure expand the parking lot. Parking was formally 4 cars. The Buffalo Creek Loop Trail is a 3 mile hiking and biking loop which connects to the 10 mile Weed Patch Mountain Trail, leading to Eagle Rock. In future years, we hope these trails will be a part of the 120+ mile Hickory Nut Gorge State Trail, a hypothetical trail that will connect the upper and lower Hickory Nut Gorge and pass a whole lot of rock on the way. 

Parking location is on Buffalo Creek Rd.

Loop Trail Boulders: In 2014, thanks to the partnership of the Town of Lake Lure and the Carolina Climbers Coalition, the main boulders along the Buffalo Creek Loop Trail are open to climbing.  Take a look at this map for information on some of the boulders. The Buffalo Creek Boulders are similar to Rumbling Bald. There are 40+ known problems and likely many others to explore. Expect a 15 minute walk. 

Upper (new) Boulders: In 2022, the CCC began working with Town of Lake Lure again to open a newly discovered boulder field within the park. This new boulder field will be far more extensive and contain potential of 200+ problems and maybe 20+ roped routes. FA's await! Please record your ascents on the google doc here for all to use and enjoy. This google doc contains established problems and a map of the trail we built. The google doc edits in real time. The first boulders are 1 mile in and the furthest point of the trail will be closer to 2 miles. The trail offers access to the boulders, a wonderful creek with cascades, and a summit view. We hope to design the trail to serve climbing access while creating an interesting hiking trail in a beautiful section of previously inaccessible forest. 

Guidebook: Purchase WNC New Boulders at 100 percent of proceeds from this guide will be donated to the CCC.