Eagle Rock

Land Manager: State of NC, Chimney Rock State Park

Area rep: Mike Reardon mreardon@carolinaclimbers.org

As of May 4th, 2018,  climbing will be permitted at the Eagle Rock Crags!  This new climbing and hiking access was made possible by the partnership between Chimney Rock State Park, Conserving Carolina, and the Carolina Climbers Coalition. The trail leading to the base of many climbs and boulders was funded by the Carolina Climbers Coalition, Conserving Carolina, and co-sponsored by an American Alpine Club Cornerstone Grant and an REI Stewardship Grant. 


The CCC contributed $5,500 to the trail and gravel for an expanded parking lot in order to make this project possible. Help us refill the bank account for our next project by making a donation today.


Due to limited parking, visitors to this area MUST sign-up online for a parking permit. There are 8 parking spaces available per day, please carpool!

This parking area is accessed through a locked gate. At the time of registration you will get a combination for the gate. You are responsible for closing and locking the gate behind you with each passage. The road to the parking area is a one lane gravel logging road which may be difficult to traverse if you have a vehicle with low ground clearance. Trailers and vehicles larger than a 15-passenger van are prohibited. Each registration is good for only one parking space per day.

No overnight parking. Visitors are limited to the hours between dawn and dusk.

Do not park on private property. Violation of any of these terms and conditions could result in a citation or your vehicle being towed.

If you do not have a permit, climbers can access the area via Buffalo Creek Park, but this requires an 8 mile walk via the newly constructed Weed Patch Mt. Trail. Get a parking permit and display it in on your windshield. 

Access Notes

The opening of the Eagle Rock Crags represents the first expanded rock climbing access within Chimney Rock State Park. The CCC asks that you help out as much as possible with future access expansions. Please follow the simple ideals below.

  • Leave No trace. Pack out what you pack in. Pick up trash from others
  • NO camping at the parking lot or at the crags
  • Be courteous and respectful of non-climbers that you see on the mountain
  • DO NOT park anywhere other than with a permit at the authorized parking lot
  • Patronize local shops and restaurants. Let them know that you are a climber. We need to make sure the locals understand that climbers and other outdoors types are a valuable source of tourist dollars.
  • Be respectful of private property and adjacent landowners, parking violations are subject to a fine or towing. While in the area, please keep quiet, as private property borders the park boundaries and we want to keep our neighbors happy.


Visit this link for camping info: http://www.lake-lure.com/campgrounds.html


At this time there is not yet a full guidebook, but this map can help orient you to the crag and there is some route info on Mountain Project.