Pumpkintown is the southwest facing cliff on the major escarpment in Table Rock State Park. Special thanks to Table Rock State Park officials for all of their support in opening this great resource!  The Carolina Climbers Coalition has recieved a $1200 Access Fund  grant to aid in funding the climbers approach trail construction. The American Alpine Club also provided a $700 grant for tools. SC State Parks have also recieved a grant to help fund the education of two CCC members plus SC State Park staff in trail design and machine work. The acquisition for climbing began in summer 2019 and regional climbers quickly began exploring the area. It had seen some climber traffic in years past, mainly in the 1990's.    The trail began construction in Feb 2020. When Covid-19 hit and unemployment became rampant, we hired 8 trail builders and called the team "Carolina Climbing Conservation Corps", or C4 for short. This was in honor of the original Conservation Civilian Corps. The C4 completed the trail build in Sept. 2020. This new trail gives climbers access to a never before opened cliff in South Carolina. The cliff hosts some of the most impeccable granite in the US with 1-3 pitch in length climbing possibilities. 

Parking: White Oaks Pavilion inside Table Rock State Park

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