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Rumble 2024 Results

To all Rumble competitors and contributors; thank you so much for being a part of this great event! Although this is a competition, our central motivation for this event is bringing together the climbing community to support climbing conservation, access, and stewardship work throughout the Carolinas. We are lucky to have YOU in our community:

Ancient Bald HeadsMary Griffith926002
Ancient Bald Headsjohn dove26830208
Ancient Bald Headsemil briggs27080199
Ancient Bald HeadsBill Griffith320002915
KidsIan Merritt129000
Kidsnatalie reedy691013
KidsOaks Rideout708001
KidsPhoenix Chandler780003
KidsBirch Rideout1272012
KidsRowan Caldwell2373029
Men's AdvancedGrant Sanders1260083
Men's AdvancedLuke384104219
Men's AdvancedSoren Degrette40190319
Men's AdvancedAndrew Crawford446204719
Men's Advancedbrady madson544105222
Men's Advancedsean mclead737506428
Men's Advancedrobert seevers774306728
Men's Intermediatejoey seavelt419051
Men's IntermediateNoah Roach678083
Men's Intermediatedavid domingo909095
Men's IntermediateD'Qota Tamerlin1055073
Men's IntermediateJon Hickson13010157
Men's Intermediategene overcash180801110
Men's IntermediateWilliam Sanders183702012
Men's IntermediateAslan20120175
Men's IntermediateKaden Morton206201314
Men's IntermediateMike Ishimam207401412
Men's IntermediateRoman Sisson263002811
Men's IntermediateSean Stevens274303115
Men's IntermediateNathan Moseley314002912
Men's IntermediateJames Hueble323202014
Men's IntermediateJake Wilson36523102917
Men's IntermediateBryant Devlin412404215
Men's IntermediateTucker Waldron415504124
Men's IntermediateEmry Oneil421704319
Men's Intermediateandre sifontes491804520
Men's Intermediategeorge lewis521304824
Men's IntermediateMatt Baker499005023
Men's OpenJoshua Ward480504515
Men's OpenJack Calgry811706520
Men's OpenNicolas Bass1068508218
Men's RecreationalJohn Allison487022
Men's RecreationalPatrick Karp849042
Men's Recreationalchris fundanish949062
Men's RecreationalHans Fulton163901110
Men's Recreationalisaac coulter205001711
Men's RecreationalCord Anthony24770109
Next Gen YouthGina Hamleon874014
Next Gen YouthKai Paul15090126
Next Gen YouthArlo Nioustalli158610188
Next Gen YouthHouston Acker184201010
Next Gen YouthAudrey Stuart2205128109
Next Gen Youthjames townsend234702310
Next Gen YouthRiver Mullett23770249
Next Gen YouthWillow Rideowt24080149
Next Gen YouthNorah Weymouth242402513
Next Gen YouthZecky Mcdaniel2504068
Next Gen YouthAdelei Morrow316002113
Next Gen YouthCaroline Marrow34481542616
Next Gen YouthRiley Emerson356004015
Starchasermyles kish00139
Starchaseralex barros00150
Starchaserstephen bulsa00148
Women's Advancedgeorgi Herlocker372804218
Women's AdvancedMarget Indermaw613605522
Women's AdvancedAbby Schlotterback307002614
Women's IntermediateAnna Evers20230189
Women's Intermediatebathany dove292702511
Women's Intermediatemorgan mose307902717
Women's Intermediatemaren deal339903219
Women's IntermediateLauren Kelley368902815
Women's IntermediateOlivia Hall375603622
Women's Intermediatefrances schueren474304321
Women's RecreationalDora Wortman1600089
Women's RecreationalMila R.16600810
Women's RecreationalMariah Havliceh18760158
Women's RecreationalNatesha Harned1991025
Women's Recreationalcharity homka2201096
Women's RecreationalJade Kelley2517059
Women's RecreationalShamla Shakir254701711
Women's RecreationalHelen Kinser28332042114
Ropes/ Rumble 2024  checked score
Womens Weekend Warrior  
Julie Tweed 40
Sara Flowers 40
Cameron LaCroix 19
Male Weekend Warrior   
Max Miceli 95
Jean Christophe Fillion Roisin 94
Greg Lamb 93
Ben Allamong 84
Sam Siegel 82
Shane McClure 72
Matt Stamey 68
Jonathan Galves? 66
Scotty Doty 59
Brian Sakofsky 28
Womens Rope Gun   
Amy Zakerski 130
Babs 86.5
Montana McFadden 7
Male Rope Gun   
Jacob Ward 155
Grechy  80
Nicholas Austin 51
Zac Milkereit 44
Josh McLane 38