McKinney Gap Boulders at Bald Mt Creek Preserve

Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land (STPAL) has preserved 750 wonderful acres at their Bald Mountain Creek Preserve near Burnsville, NC. We have several great news items about this conserved land and STPAL:

1. STPAL has been amazing to work with as partners in outdoor recreation.

2. STPAL land holds several boulders and STPAL is excited to have the CCC as partners to provide access to the outdoor recreation assets of the preserved land (AKA boulders). 

3. McKinnney Gap Boulders at Bald Mountain Creek Preserve: 30 minutes north of Asheville. 100+ boulder problems. This is the first of a hopeful three total bouldering areas we will work to open to the public. We are beginning parking lot work and trail building in spring 2021. We are raising funds to hire a small trail team to lead work days. Volunteer days will also be forthcoming. Please consider donating to our C4 team to help build this great climbing resource! These boulders are currently hard to find without a trail but parking is located at the hairpin turn just past McKinney Gap on Scronce Creek Rd, Burnsville, NC. A few potential trail alignments are flagged.  You may find boulders if you follow flags.  Come join us on a volunteer day and get oriented!

4. Check out this great article, written by STPAL. Support them if you can or drop them a line saying 'thank you for supporting climbing access!'. 

Camping/ lodging nearby in Erwin, TN: