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Moores Parking Issues

A prescription for your Moores parking woes… 

It turns out the easy approach plus excellent quality rock at Moore’s Wall and Moore’s Boulders attracts many people. Climbers not returning to their car on time and illegally parking remains an issue.  The state park is wonderful to work with and if you are one of the late returners and/or one of the illegal Parkers; you are negatively affecting park to climber relations and jeopardizing access.  Seriously, stop being selfish. 

Here are some Do’s and Don'ts to keep land managers, your fellow climbers, neighbors, and yourselves happy!


  • ALWAYS return to the gate 30 minutes before park closing
  • Always respect park rules and thank state park employees.  They make it possible for you to visit these amazing places.  
  • Always have a plan B if the parking is full. See plan B ideas below.  
  • Always carpool! 
  • Plan to go to less crowded parking areas when the weather is perfect
  • Park no more than 3’ from the car next to you. 
  • Realize that with partners, the CCC doubled the size of the parking lot in 2021 and it is the max size it can be for the resource it serves.  The lot will not be expanded again.  
  • Park smart and be nice
  • If dropping a car for carpooling, use a different legal parking area other than Tory’s Den.  Leave Tory’s Den as an open overflow lot. 

Do not:

  • Return late to your car
  • Park along the side of any road leading up to the parking lot. You will be ticketed and you will be jeopardizing climber relations with all parties involved. 
  • Park where there are ‘no parking signs’
  • If parking at Tory’s Den is full, do not park illegally along the side of the road.  

Plan B: 

If you get to Moore’s and the parking is full; 

  • If you're absolutely determined to stay at Moore’s, park at the lake inside the park and hike to the 2 Mile Boulders. You can get to Moore’s from Tory's Den parking too, but it's an easier hike from the lake area and the same distance
  • If you are a roped climber, consider Sauratown, Cooks, Pilot, Stone Mountain, or Rocky Face 
  • If you are a boulderer, consider Stone Mountain, Stony Mt Vineyard, Maibauer, or Asheboro